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kookylove is from Indonesia id and is 1,210,991,966 seconds young



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CONGRATS on winning the Battle of the Best 2011 contest!! Your design 'Longing to Breathe' is just so beautiful and a very well-deserved winning design, even though the competition was tough.

You really are a design champion at Springleap with so many wins and so much great artwork coming in from you :)

Keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to loads more great designs from you in 2012. You always surprise us with new amazing work and we thoroughly enjoy having you in our community. It is such a pleasure to see someone so talented share their work with us and the Springleap community. Keep on rocking :)


shoutOut on 14/2/12
DuncanBoxie - Thumbnail


Congrats dude, so happy for ya!
Enjoy your reign as champion.

You really have such slick design work man, it is always a pleasure to see your submissions coming through :D

shoutOut on 14/2/12
robingordon - Thumbnail

Congratulations man!! Awesome design well worth winning. Can't wait to see it printed !

shoutOut on 14/2/12
Miriam - Thumbnail

Hey Kookylove

Congrats on winning with us again!!!

So many designers submitted their artwork to the Battle of the Best 2011 and yours is the winning design of this BIG Battle.

Such an incredible design of a very talented designer :)

Keep on submitting your smashing work!

shoutOut on 14/2/12
jamjamjam - Thumbnail

Congrats, I like this.

Its kinda hardcore, but then u see da flowers and it makes you happy, hopeful even!

shoutOut on 14/2/12
suckerpunch - Thumbnail


I love thiz gasmask fad thats going aroudn at the moment. Kooklove your version is unique, never seen one like this

So strange how something associated with violence can also look peaceful when you simply add flowers and some blue sky.

Clever design I want one so bad! Hope it gets printed very soon

shoutOut on 14/2/12
CathRon - Thumbnail

Congrats on being crowned the winner of Battle of The Best! You really are such a core part of our community - and superbly talented!

I think this latest design is really one of the best I have ever seen! Well done!

shoutOut on 14/2/12
529766679 - Thumbnail

EPICNESS, dude!!!!


Well done on an amazing win!


Can't wait to get this printed

shoutOut on 14/2/12
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