shoutOut on 13/7/08 by Eric in paparazzi

yesterday was a BIGGGG day at springleap HQ

we were on 5fm LIVE for 60 seconds talking about springleap

Did you hear it on the radio?


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yeah I heard it and that is how I found your site and entered some designs - proof that free advertising does pay! well done guys…

shoutBack on 15/7/08 by viviennevisser

wonder what this week is going to bring…
feel like the springleap roller coaster is going to bring a good turn ;)

shoutBack on 14/7/08 by Eric

yugi - we’ve sent a msg to 5 to ask them for the recording


shoutBack on 13/7/08 by Eric

ag man i missed it - NOOOOO!!! :(
why don’t you upload the sound byte so we can all hear it and pretend that it’s live on the radio in our own free time :P

shoutBack on 13/7/08 by yugi

did I say 5FM!!!!!!

shoutBack on 13/7/08 by Eric