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shoutOut on 14/4/08 by Eric in paparazzi

springleap is getting mentioned all over the place…

First up was The Citizen which did a profile piece on springleap, and apparently there was a picture as well (I haven’t seen the article yet)

Next up was UCT Radio station which did a 12 month live interview with Eran - the UCT radio station guys were fantastic - I mailed them asking if I could get a copy and the next day they emailed me a link to download the MP3 of the interview. Thanks guys!

The Natal Witness featured springleap on the home page of their entertainment section - I think it was the entire page! I’ve only seen a scan of the article but it looks aweseome.

BizCommunity wrote about the springleap April Fools Joke, along with tons of info about what we’re up to! NICE

The April 08 issue of Leadership Magazine has featured springleap as one of the Top 10 Internet Startup’s in South Africa! Stoked!

And the M&G; Online did a great article on what springleap’s plans are - great article, but I’m not a great designer guys (although I’d love to be one!). I was pretty excited to see the article in the printed edition, but 2 trips to CNA only resulted in me popping into the woolworths next door to buy a chocolate as we haven’t been featured in the offline M&G; YET...

It’s been a BUSY 2 weeks…if you see springleap mentioned anywhere (magazines, online, radio, TV etc), please LET US KNOW


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