chilibean interview via skype text

shoutOut on 13/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi

Paul Jacobson from the chilibean blog interviewed our very own springleap founder Eran Eyal in a very innovative way today.

They got onto skype and the questions were asked LIVE via typing. So Paul asked a question, and Eran answered it in the skype window.

Then Paul did a small amount of editing (but left the time of the questions and replies), and the interview was blogged.

Discussion topics included:

what is Springleap, where did the idea come from?

is this the good stuff?

how does the process work from the perspective of an artist?

Would the choice of software package to support limit artist involvement? Is the software readily available?

What an awesome way of interviewing someone!

To check out the incredible conversation Paul & Eran had on skype (which lasted over AN HOUR), check out the chilibean site at:


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Wow that is a very unique interview.
An hour interview is quite a long time, i can imagine the typing can make things a bit disjointed though…would have been fun to watch over Eran’s shoulder.

shoutBack on 14/3/08 by DuncanBoxie