live is a gift

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so just enjoy it every day…..


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Fun colours!

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shoutBack on 19/2/10 by RoxzyLok

Pretty cool Jott! I personally enjoy colourful, busy and “happy” Tshirt designs. Well done!! super colour choices Jott. I won’t mind purchasing one of these. it illustrates a pretty true, serious and direct message in a polite and cheerful way, that why i love this design. Are they a bunch of party balloons?? Never the less i dig it totally!!

shoutBack on 17/2/10 by Zave

Fun fun fun! I really dig your style jott! :) The colours r rockin’. This needs to be hangin in my cupboard!

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by Lexi87

Lovin’ it! I’d definitely wear this! would’ve liked it on the same colour tee as the display on the left…

shoutBack on 13/2/10 by Stashme

nice colour!

shoutBack on 13/2/10 by ndikol

Hehe we can just see your style a mile away. Love this designs colours and the t-shirt colour choice.They work really well together.Very uplifting design!

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