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shoutOut on 12/2/10 by jott in

who dont want to have a super inteligent kid ….


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Seeing a theme with your t-shirt designs hey! Somehow the colours dont work for me, brown and pink mmm nah! The baby’s face is a bit weird too

shoutBack on 24/2/10 by amyabrahams

Good design!! Love the colours and the USB cord HAHA!! Nice t-shirt selection but don’t you think it will look good on a white or black Tee too??

shoutBack on 17/2/10 by Zave

Lieben Sie Ihren Entwurf!
All the best for the competition!

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by VickyLee
like the usb coming out of the belly button!
shoutBack on 14/2/10 by ralphysims

loving your custom text!

shoutBack on 13/2/10 by Stashme

hmm :/ i think id scare small children if i walked around with this on my chest.

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by theblueman

Dude is that baby pulling akimbo “live long and prosper” hand signs?? Freaking funny design. Love the umbilical USB :D

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by DuncanBoxie