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We have our NEW 5th Generation t-shirts out – you’ll be glad to know that the guys XL’s and XXL’s are MUCH bigger than before, and the other sizes are slightly bigger! We think the cut is EVEN better than the 4th Generation T-shirts, but that’s for you to decide! Tell us what you think

ALL T-shirts on are 4th Generation T-shirts EXCEPT for the T-shirts mentioned below…

My Friends by Jott

A Casual Invasion by TokyoGoGo

Please stand by for total planetary destruction by Suburbanhijinx

Spring Bottle by Cash

Brilliant! by theinfinityloop

Apocalyptic Sunset by Suburbanhijinx

Taxi Wars by Chucky

Color Culture by ShampooWarrior

Staying Alive by Suburbanhijinx

Got your back by Chucky

post-apocalypse by sebasebi

Wright out the Sky! by CHUCKY

Who’s your Daddy? by dotnot

A Very Important Date by nicetomeetyou

Vuvuzero by Darko

Freedom Walker by Tu

Mr. Cosmos by sebasebi

Pac-man’s Nightmare by mikdog

Rabobi, Rabobi by WolFox

Quarantine by CHUCKY


All we are is energy by sebasebi

I mean like WOAH by kinglsip

Hey baby by kingslip

Zombie Boss by cmatos

Green by vomaria


N.B. There may be some variations which we are dealing with, please make sure when purchasing your t-shirt


TOTALLY @flickr

We spent a lot of time getting it just right - and we are very proud of the 5th gens!

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5th generation cut all the way

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Yes yes yes!!

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