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35 Nations of Football

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Words by the designer:

Kingslip, I feel your pain. 2010 is going to be a real cash cow for a lot of people, and most of us get to standby and watch other people make money, well not me I say, not this time. I have a cunning plan… VUVUZERO! supporting the fall of the vuvuzela, lets make the 2010 worth hearing, because the world is listening! (FEEL FREE TO USE MY VUVUZERO TRADEMARK IN ALL YOUR DESIGNS, I only take 10%) Viva Vuvuzero!
© Copyright Darko 12/01/2021


I remember saying – a while back– that I wished we’d chosen a more musical cultural weapon than the Vuvuzela. But now I really don’t think football could ever be the same without it. When the games begin and the vuvus break out, it’s magic. And then there’s the other thing: FIFA branded everything, made their buck out of everything. But they missed the vuvuzela. How did they miss it? They’re like all the record companies that only started trying to sign Die Antwoord after they’d already been offered a three album deal with a top US label. Ha ha, jokes on you Emperor Blatter lol

shoutBack on 30/6/10 by Danya

@Ant1net you wont be betraying your country, if anything you will be embracing your unique edgy style and awesome individuality

@EranEyal South Africa put up a good fight, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. This World Cup has certainly brought the country together in more ways than just sport.

The essence will linger on once the final match is played and I’ll be watching it in my vuvuzero t-shirt :)

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by amyabrahams

In the past few weeks I have been proud as never before to be a South African. Yesterday especially. BAFANA BAFANA love!!! U guys were awesome. Made SA proud all around the woild.

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by EranEyal

GRrrrrr. I’m torn! I looooove this tee but don’t want to betray SA.

Oh RHYME! Snap!

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by Ant1net

of course Bafana did a great job!!! :) Every South African should be proud of the guys!

3am is still too late! They should limit vuvuzela activity to the matches only…or better yet only to the stadiums! Once the match is over so is vuvuzela time!


shoutBack on 23/6/10 by Lexi87

I’m still supporting Bafana. Quite honestly, I think they did a great job.
And Darko- even though I dig this t-shirt (and even own one!)i totally frikkin’ hate vuvuzelas! try sleeping when you live near a stadium. @Parkcheezy- yes a 3am cut off time is a solid plan!!!
So who the hell cares about the origin of that stupid instrument. they don’t even produce a tune. just the world’s most annoying sound ever.
oh, and viva portugal!

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by FoxyCleopatra

This is def one of my fave t-shirts in my cupboard! :)I love creating a stir, especially now with the World Cup going on - people get really sensitive and emotional about football.

I’ve been to a few fan parks and I have to say that the vuvuzera wouldn’t be so bad if its blowers didn’t go overboard! You’ll find that people blow in your ear, in your face, they’ll blow when a soccer match isn’t even on!

With South Africa out of the World Cup, it def makes it a little less exciting for me. Everyone has their fave international team but supporting your very own country in the World Cup….priceless :D Yeah!!!

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by Lexi87

ok my apologies the vuvzela’s origin is still very much disputed!

However one known fact is that there is a similar instrument to the vuvuzela in Brazil known as the “corneta”

@BoyBrown i agree the vuvuzelas can get a bit overwhelming and it does affect my mood when watching the game.


shoutBack on 23/6/10 by amyabrahams

no ways @parkcheezy. those vuvuzelas totally kill the vibe for me. they are so annoying.

Go ENGLAND!!!!!!

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by BoyBrown

@amyabrahams: I’m so proud of the team- they made such a good effort yesterday, and we have to continue supporting them onto WC 2014. They make good french toast- gotta admit!! hehe. and even thought we are out, we are still hosting the best world cup event ever! so who’s your team? who are you supporting?? I’m going Argentina all the way yeah!

I though i would totally hate all the vuvuzelas at the stadiums, but they really add to the vibe. My only gripe is that 3am should be cut off time!!

shoutBack on 23/6/10 by Parkcheezy