No Box Media & springleap image uploading

shoutOut on 18/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi

The SEO comp has turned into CHAOS. Good Chaos, but it’s a little crazy nontheless.

The current top 5 are:

So the springleap SEO battle has hottened up with Charl, Chris and Rafiq all in the race.

One of the guys who blogged about springleap was No Box Media

WOW - what a posting. They’re number 7 in the competition at the moment, but the springleap team want to take a few mins to just say…


They went into huge detail about ideas for how to make life easier for the designers submitting designs.

We’ve actually been working on our new submit process for the last 2 weeks, and it should go live any day now, so we’re looking forward to hearing what they say about the new design process.

They finished off with…

All the best to Springleap, may you grow from strength to strength.

Guys, YOU ROCK!!!!


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robinpietersen - what you think of the new submit process?

shoutBack on 30/3/08 by Eric

Sounds good, looking forward to the design.

shoutBack on 29/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Thanks guys. It was a fun post to write, nothing better than context to a technical post. I’ll whip up a t-shirt design and check out the new submit process!

shoutBack on 29/3/08 by robinpietersen

Loving the posting, nice one Box Media.
Think anybody will be able to beat us in the SEO search Eric, tall order indeed.
Cant wait to get a feel for the new submit process.

shoutBack on 18/3/08 by DuncanBoxie