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Hey international springleapers - SA been getting alot of attention lately cause of the world cup.

I thought I’d put up some of our best local music videos (&youre; welcome to add more - own just put a exclamation mark on both sides of the video embed code)



Jack Parow ‘Cooler as Ekke’


Die Antwoord ‘ninja’


Teargas ‘Go Away’


Jozi ‘Whats with the Attitude’


‘All These Foolish Things (i’ve said)’ SICK LEAVES


Fokofpolisekar Vernietig jouself


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Oh yeah! And the Dirty Skirts! SA music ROCKS!!!

The Dirty Skirts_ Is This It from Michael Carstensen on Vimeo.

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Yo guys - nice lil piece on SA music here - South African music really has come a long way. I think that it’s a brave new world - maybe all those guys like Jack Parrow and Die Antwoord are really helping the other_ more commercially sustainable artists_ really rise to the surface.

Here are some of my contributions to the cool collection of SA Music videos here - maybe a bit more on the rock side tho:

Here’s Watershed, Just Jinger, Prime Circle and The Parlortones

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Here’s the FIRST local video my team shot in Durban for a group called Silvabaq

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Thanks guys and gals

Any - SA Music certainly does rock indeed! Jack Parrow and guys like Waddy (Die Antwoord) really have shaken things up on the local SA music scene.

Who knows WHAT will hit next!

I can tell you what did hit the SA music scene a few years ago and totally BLEW PEOPLE’S MINDS...

That would happen to be the phenomenon : The Wild EYes, headed up by one of my dearest lifelong pals, “Nikhil Singh”.

Nikhil is known across the SA music and art scene as one of the greatest talents that this country has spawned in the last few decades - having touched many music productions, inked the Desconstructus CD comic, the driving force behind the group The Wild Eyes and being involved in many music and design productions.

Most recently his graphic novel Salem Brownstone was published in the UK.

Famous Alan Moore, reknown for The Watchmen and The Dark Night Returns comments : “A wonderfully imaginative and stylish piece of work and a perfect example of the adventurous new directions that comic books should be taking in the future.”

Yup - pretty much one of THE Gods of Comics. The man is a LEGEND.

Well without much further ado - here are two of the cool videos that The Wild Eyes spawned in their brief time in the limelight.

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Here’s my video! Just so happens there is a link between the video and Springleap!

Our very own Mikdog (Mike Scott) created this video!

Well done! Springleap certainly has a talented community!

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die antwoord! very entertaining

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@Duncan a friend of mine in this video - so sick!

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