Springleap and Turbovite presents: Stepdog 'Powered by music' design competition - WIN US$700

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This competition is going to be music to your ears!

Springleap.com brings you the Stepdog theme competition, in association with Turbovite. It’s time to celebrate the very best in South African music , with our first ever band competition!

Stepdog , would like to challenge your design skills by asking you to create their new band t-shirt , which will be sold at gigs and right here on Springleap.com

Music is undoubtedly one of the most influential experiences of human society!
It has the ability to make us smile, laugh and cry.
Music has the ability to get you on your feet, to make you shout with happiness, or even join a social revolution.

Stepdog is a South African rock band, based in picturesque Stellenbosch.
They have been described as a “super tight three-piece bearded wonder and produce a funky blend of Creedance Revival meets Bob Dylan with really raspy vocals and toe tapping rhythms”.
If you listen to their music you will understand why this description is so appropriate.


The well known energy supplement specialists, Turbovite, were awesome enough to sponsor the prize money for this rocking theme competition.
Turbovite is a body and mind energy booster that can power your life, no matter how active your lifestyle.
Find out more about Turbovite HERE .

We are all… Powered by music!

This is the core concept behind our latest theme competition.

It’s time to get creative. How does music power your life?

Create a design that shows how music has the ability to influence our lives and gives us the power to be who we truly are.

Illustrate to us the underlying theme: Powered by music.

1.) Listen to the Stepdog songs below, choose one and use it as your theme. If you would like to read the lyrics please go to www.stepdog.co.za
Let your imagination do the rest!

Stepdog - Lauren by ApolloArtists

Stepdog - Castra by DuncanBoxie

Stepdog - Robyn by DuncanBoxie

Stepdog - Lola by DuncanBoxie

Stepdog - Angie by ApolloArtists

Stepdog - Amy After Dark by DuncanBoxie

2.) The Stepdog logo needs to be used in the design.
Download the vector by clicking the link below.

Stepdog vector

If you have any problems downloading this file please request it at: duncan@springleap.com

3.) Designs on Black t-shirts ONLY.

Turbovite have put up an awesome prize of US$700 [or R5000] for the winner of the Stepdog ‘Powered by music’ competition.
The winning design will be transformed into a t-shirt and will be sold by the band at gig venues and across the world through Springleap.com’s online store.

1. You know the drill NO OBSCENITY, NO HATE SPEECH, ONLY ORIGINAL WORKS …all that jazz.
2. You can submit up to 5 designs so go wild! The more designs you submit the greater chances you have of winning!
3. Winners will now be chosen using votes as an indicator. The top 10 voted designs will get the golden stamp of approval and go in for review. The final verdict will come down to our esteemed design panel here at Springleap in conjunction with Stepdog.
4. Standard Springleap terms and conditions apply over and above.
5. Stepdog and Springleap reserve the rights to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “Powered by music” competition for non-commercial benefit such as an even media covering the process – but do not own the rights to any of the designs except the winner and thus may not print these runner-up designs for commercial resale unless by consent and arrangement in writing with the designer concerned.

Everyone WINS!!

Submissions for designs open: 11 April 2021

Submissions for designs close: 09 May 2021

Voting starts: 09 May 2021

Voting ends: 19 May 2021

Winner is announced: 23 May 2021

In order to get started on your designs download the Springleap t-shirt Submission Kit and get started right away!

Confused or uncertain about anything?
Post your questions about the ‘Powered by music’ theme competition below or click our online support button to the left of our header.

Good Luck and Happy Designing!


Anyone having trouble getting a copy of the logo can contact me, will mail it to ya.

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by PixelForge

email me at duncan@springleap.com if you are having problems downloading the Stepdog logo.

shoutBack on 18/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

didnt work using safari but worked in firefox, weird….

shoutBack on 18/4/11 by bleet

Hi there all.
I have just tested the link from my side and it works.
It probably has to do with your browser, perhaps try and update or use a different browser.
Let us know what you are using and we can try trouble shoot.

shoutBack on 18/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

1) My download also doesn’t work. Just shows a blank screen (opened with Safari and tried ‘save Linked File As’ - nothing)

2) Does our design have to represent one specific song? Or can we do something that represents the sound/vibe of the band?

shoutBack on 17/4/11 by darnyill

mine is not downloading either!..just shows a blank screen wen you click on the download link?…

shoutBack on 13/4/11 by grade1

Yo Witbrood, do you get any form of error message? What program are you trying to open it in, etc?
The more info we have the easier it will be for us to sort out ;)

shoutBack on 13/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

the stepdog logo does not seem to download…?

shoutBack on 12/4/11 by Witbrood

Awesome! So exciting to see a band getting involved!!

LOVE Stepdog’s music too so I’m sure it’ll be a great inspiration to all the designers :)
Looking forward to the submissions!!

shoutBack on 11/4/11 by mux

This is an exciting brief! Can’t wait to see the submissions so that I can vote!

shoutBack on 11/4/11 by CathRon


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