springleap would like to thank...

shoutOut on 12/3/08 by Eric in wordUp

Sounds like the academy awards ceremony doesn’t it?

But there are some incredible company’s and people out there that we’d like to thank.

First up the company’s that have offered PRIZES for the winning designers and the voters:


Sony Ericsson - think cell phone gadgets & gizmo’s! And there’s a cell phone going to someone in next month’s competition. And it’s going to one of the tshirt voters. Watch this space.

Skyrove - a skyrove router for the winning designer and skyrove vouchers for all the runner up’s.

Jack Black Beer - premium special edition beers for the winner, and a lucky voter (need to be over 18 to get this one, so if you’re not, we’ll have to give it to one of the other winners).

If you want to sponsor some prizes for the designers or the voters, then get in touch…


A big thank you to Chad for the awesome banner designs he did for us. They rock man!

(Chad mailed us and said he wanted to do some stuff to help us. So we said ‘how about a banner suite’ and a few days later, the ROCKING banners you are going to see soon on websites around the world, landed in our inbox.)


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just an update on the sponsors prizes

The Sony phone this month is going to the person that gets the most involved in QUALITY comments on the blogs

Are you going to win the King of Comments, Queen of Quotes?

And after being involved for a number of months, the skyrove router and Jack Black beer are not up for grabs anymore :(

who wants to put some more prizes up? (the cash, tshirts and royalties are cool, but so nice to put extra stuff in the winners bags)

shoutBack on 9/9/08 by Eric

You tube is one way of doing it.
Or perhaps try get in contact with his publicist, does he have a site? send images and bombard with messages.
It will be a worthy quest I’m sure.

shoutBack on 14/4/08 by DuncanBoxie

ok folks, so how we gonna get tenaciousD a sample of the golden nectar…
anyone got any ideas? I’m guessing it’s tough to get a contact but we gotta get this beer into his hands. can anyone say youtube? it could be bloody brilliant.

shoutBack on 10/4/08 by jackblackcrew

Yeah school of rock was damn funny :D
Tenacious.D is ‘the’ MEGA.

shoutBack on 25/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

School of Rock was bril

shoutBack on 24/3/08 by crayon

Ah prohibition, the clandestine days of booze.
I’m sure if Jack Black knew about this brew he would be all over it, bounce his PR a mail or free sample hehe.
It’s awesome that you guys are based locally.
Where exactly is the brewery man?
I gotta go hunt me down some of your nectar for a hot day.

shoutBack on 21/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Hey there,
Jack Black Beer doesn’t have anything to do with the actor at this point (but who knows, maybe one day he’ll be drinking our beer!) Jack Black was a fellow who lived in America during the prohibition times - a maverick brewing legend. Inspired by his spirit and ability to make amazing beer, we’re a local brewery here to bring Cape Town the best possible beer, no matter what…so yah, maybe the pirate thing is kinda fitting too.

shoutBack on 20/3/08 by jackblackcrew

Does Jack Black beer have anything to do with Jack Black teh actor??
Thanks to the two sponsors I’m gonna call them SkyJack…sounds like a airborne pirate crew that plunders airlines.

shoutBack on 13/3/08 by DuncanBoxie