The end is nigh

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This is my first creation for springleap i hope u like it


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don´t tell me about that i don´t make prophecys i just make fun of that crap. of course nothng gonna happen in 2012.

shoutBack on 20/8/09 by Sergio37

thats not funny dude…some of us are too young to think if shit like that…get creative.

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tips: read the erased dates :P
The Prophets Have Been Wrong Before LOT of times i found at least 57 flase prophecys
and prophets will be worng after 2012 too…
i hope :P

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o my gods, cant we just kill you now and save the rest of humanity?

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in fact is an ironi about that :P

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Ah, so another pessimistic 2012 prediction eh? ;)
Prepare for synchroncity my friend.

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