Was Eran on TV?

shoutOut on 9/9/08 by Eric in paparazzi

We didn’t :(

But apparently in the last week, we’ve been on TWICE!!

So if you saw springleap on TV, please let us know.

Rumours have been floating around that there was a TV program on SABC1 last tuesday or wednesday where Eran was featured being interviewed at Sanlam Fashion Week.

And then we heard today that last Saturday night there was a program which showed Eran giving a talk at Durban Fashion Week.

But until the springleap team see’s the proof, we’re afraid we won’t think of you as a celeb Eran! haha


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We got a DVD last night of the fashion series being screened on Saturday nights on SABC 1, and Eran was featured giving a talk at the Durban Fashion Week.

Only prob was that they didn’t put the name or company on the screen while he was talking, so unless you know Eran, you wouldn’t have realised who or what he was about.

shoutBack on 11/9/08 by Eric