we're in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section

shoutOut on 27/7/08 by Eric in paparazzi

Wow! did I say wow! We’ve just opened up the Sunday Times and springleap is in the Lifestyle section!

Wow! welcome to springleap if you’ve just come from the Sunday Times “what’s hot” section.

Sunday Times - thanks for making our sunday


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anyway, Sunday Times you ROCK! tx for making the entire springleap team jump on our dining room tables

shoutBack on 27/7/08 by Eric

if you just can’t wait for your copy of the Sunday Times, or you’re outside of South Africa, you can still check out the springleap mention in the Sunday Times “Hot Thangs” by clicking here

here’s a preview of what the article looks like:

shoutBack on 27/7/08 by Eric

just checked the SundayTimes website and it hasn’t been updated…yet

as soon as we’ve got a link to the springleap article, we’ll get it up

shoutBack on 27/7/08 by Eric