We Wrock Wright?

shoutOut on 12/12/09 by dotnot in

Here’s bringing the rock stars of the past, into the future. WWW = WE WROCK WRIGHT?


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the distressing is a bit off. but otherwise pretty cool

shoutBack on 20/12/09 by Stashme

Your a teeny tiny lil bit obsessed with those flying lizzards, aintcha SceneKid?

shoutBack on 18/12/09 by IAmSam

@ dotnot Teradactlys rather

shoutBack on 18/12/09 by SceneKid

WAW, thanks for all the awesome input guys. I really appreciate it! After submitting this and looking at it a hundred times, I saw a few things I would’ve perhaps added for balance sake. A few old planes diving in from the side. Next time ;)

shoutBack on 16/12/09 by dotnot


shoutBack on 16/12/09 by AssetDesigns

Cool washed out look here with excellent illustration capabilities! Nice one!

shoutBack on 16/12/09 by EranEyal

nice one :) altho therz somethin that i like and dont like about it…just can’t put my finga on it yet. I’m reminded of a dollar bill when I look at it

shoutBack on 15/12/09 by Lexi87

i think this is insanely unbelievably brilliant and i’d def wear it!!! way to go! awesome!!

shoutBack on 15/12/09 by Eric

Yeah the design looks almost as if its tipping to the left.
I like this design alot actually. The fact that its orientation is a tad off means very little, when its on a t-shirt and you are moving about, you wont notice a thing.

shoutBack on 14/12/09 by DuncanBoxie

cool is this like the radio station?

I agree with voodoo child its cool but something needs adjusting.

shoutBack on 14/12/09 by InfamousArtist