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What is PRE-BUY?

shoutOut on 30/11/08 by EranEyal in

When you see the PRE-BUY button on a t-shirt design page, it means that the t-shirt is not in our stockroom yet and we are still busy making it.

Many times we sell out BEFORE the t-shirt actually reaches the stockroom.

Check below for an update of how quickly we will be able to get the t-shirt over to you.

So don’t dilly-daddle - PRE-BUY your favorite Springleap t-shirts now to avoid disappointment, and we will get them to you as quickly as we can.


mboast please email mehulspringleap.com your request

shoutBack on 21/12/09 by amyabrahams

okidoki, whats the beef with post-apocalypse, when can I get it? I click on pre buy & it takes me to this page

shoutBack on 15/12/09 by mboast

The only designs still need to be caught up (other than the latest winner - TokyoGoGo’s Crop Pixels design) are:

OIL & Aviator

And those should be ready this week.

And never again will we allow production to fall behind!

You can see all the tshirts we have in our stock room at:


shoutBack on 20/5/09 by Eric

Well - production is now 99% caught up. We have ELEVEN designs outstanding, of which THREE are in our stock room waiting to be counted.

By the end of this week, EVERYTHING will be caught up.

We’ve made it easier to see what is happening:

If you want to see ALL the designs in our stock room, visit:

If you want to see the designs still being printed, visit:

But nearly all the tshirts available for purchase are now sitting in our stock room waiting to deliver to you.

Enjoy shopping

shoutBack on 7/5/09 by Eric

Based on the Pre-buy notation, this is what is left to be printed per month:

Aug 10/22
Sept 4/11
Oct 6/10
Nov 6/10
Dec 9/11

that includes “featured” designs where applicable. I didn’t bother going earlier than august, because by now they really should have all those printed, and I’d rather ignore than be wrong.

On the one hand, in the last month, they certainly HAVE increased their stock dramatically. On the other, there’s still a lot of slowness on the production line (and to be honest, I’m sure people still waiting on August and September shirts aren’t thrilled that Novembers and Decembers have already come in). I’m excited for these growing pains to be over, but I’m also afraid that by that time, a lot of people will be very done with Springleap. Especially people outside of South Africa. I can only hope, with 4 more business days in March, they can make an even bigger dent before their print anniversary comes up in April.

as a plus, they do seem to be selling pretty well. I hope that, once printing finally gets sorted out, they get on reprints… there’s a lot of stuff that looks like it’ll sell out before some people even get their first orders (and other stuff which seems to have sold out on pre-orders alone). As I’m sure the current print debacle has proven, lack of stock hurts sales. that goes for sold-out as much as not-in-print

shoutBack on 25/3/09 by AdderXYU

Hey Eric another update pls… I’ve been waiting for my t’s for over 3 months now… this is kinda bad!!

How many more t’s still need to be caught up; printed… surely september ones should be caught up already… it is almost the end of march??? Problem…

shoutBack on 25/3/09 by crazytime

The designs are STREAMING in now, so if you have been waiting for your T, we’ll get it to you ASAP. Yesterday, FOUR of the designs have arrived in the office - and they look great.

So 9 designs got printed last week, and the plan is for another 9 or 10 designs to get printed this week.

Printing is now firmly on track, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that this NEVER happens again!

shoutBack on 10/3/09 by Eric

there are currently 41 designs still being printed - the plan is for another 6 to be printed this week (4 have been printed this week already), between 6 and 8 next week, and another 8 the week after that. So we’re catching up really fast. We’re really sorry printing has taken so long - it’s been crazy for you and for us! But we think we’ve got everything right now…

shoutBack on 6/3/09 by Eric

@chica - why can’t you put in your basket - what happens? we’re using a different white cotton to the first T’s that came out. which one do you have? we have eSimpowenis on pink and white, but most are sold out - check both pages to see what we have left

@crazytime - there are currently 41 designs still being printed. we have 6 more scheduled for this week, 6 for next week, and 8 the week after that - so we’re catching up VERY fast. sorry again for the delay - we’re getting everything sorted out as quickly as we can

@shirtfan - we’re online ALL the time. if live help isn’t on (coz we’re rushing around sorting stuff out), mail us and we’ll get back to you within hours (if not minutes). what can we help with?

@kevinwalter - did you order one? what do you mean “I want a mans med tshirt”?

shoutBack on 6/3/09 by Eric

Hi I want a mans med t shirt. Thanks.. let me know when I can expect it as soon as possible please.

shoutBack on 3/3/09 by kevinwalter


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