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Quarantine by CHUCKY

There’s no big story behind the design, all I really wanted is it to have a Sci-fi feel!

Quarantine by CHUCKY with CHUCKY by DuncanBoxie

CHUCKY is a very well respected designer who has won many competitions with us here at Springleap.com
This time around CHUCKY beat out a boat load of competitors to scoop the Advanced Photoshop theme competition, with his stunningly dark Quarantine design.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

I decided to give the “Advanced Photoshop theme” a shot a few days before deadline. I knew I wanted something futuristic and/or Sci-fi. And I realised to follow the theme closely that I would have to stick to a very digital look, and therefore my design would have to be done in Photoshop entirely from scratch!

2. This design is slightly darker than what we are used to from you,
any particular reason?

Haha, ummm I think even though this may be my darkest design yet, I tend to lean more towards the dark side! I’ve submitted quite a few darkish designs in the past for e.g. Shadowplay, Super Luigi and then you even have Make $ome Cash & Got Your Back which are both dry humour!

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

Because there was no Hand drawing involved, this one took me about 3 hours.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?

I know I’ve mentioned it before and to the Advanced Photoshop Mag, but the band Blurs Album Cover for “Think Tank” kind of gave me an idea.

5. Do you think this design serves as a warning to our present generation?

Maybe if there was another serious epidemic that broke out!

6. What are your thought on winning this particular competition, which
will see your design hit the pages of Advanced Photoshop?

This is without a doubt the best win I’ve ever had!!!! Its a real thrill to be featured in such a great international mag!

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?

To all the people who are going to wear it!

8. Would you tweak anything in this design if you had the chance?

I was perfectly fine with they way it came out. Haha, my sister didn’t seem to like the wires coming from the top, and that was my favourite element of the design!

9. Who do you think was your closest competitor for this compo?

Definately Sebasebi, being the great designer he is, his work is always top notch and I thought he was gonna pip me on this one! Quimstudio had some great work and Kakolaks design was brilliant as well!

10. If you knew there was an impending nucleur disaster, what would be
the first thing you do?

Ok it depends on how much time I had in hand, If I had about a month I’d start diggin my own bunker! If less time I’d drink and finish up some designs.


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