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shoutOut on 7/6/11 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

Hi there one and all ,

Once a year we host a competition where we invite ALL winning Springleap.com designers to come together to do battle for our most coveted Springleap award!

The Battle of the Best competition is our version of the Olympics and is the decider which helps us choose who will take the title of best designer of the year.

This competition also has a much BIGGER prize than our normal competition.
The winner of this challenging competition walks away with a MASSIVE US$ 1000 …and the GLORY!

Battle of the Best is an OPEN THEME competition, which means designers are allowed to enter ANY design they wish!
This means that designers can go absolutely wild with their design and not have to prescribe to any set theme .

This also means that if you are a winner , technically you can start working on your BOTB submissions whenever you want. As normal; designers are allowed to submit up to 5 designs!

As mentioned above this competition is for winning Springleap.com designers ONLY!

This includes designers from our very first competition in 2008 , and all winners up to the current date .

Here is the list of our BOTB winners:

2011Longing to Breathe by Kookylove

2010Modern art in your shirt by Sebasebi

2009Mr. Cosmos by Sebasebi


The next Battle of the Best competition will take place in early 2012 .
There are still plenty of competitions between now and then. So give it your all and stand a chance to fight it out for our no.1 spot!

Get designing…and may the best designer climb to the top.


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