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Wholesale? What's that all about?

Springleap empowers EVERYONE, including people already with shops or who want to start a new business. People wanting to sell springleap merchandise (shirts and other goodies) can register on springleap to become a vendor and buy from us at fantastic WHOLESALE prices.

Oh - sounds cool, but why should I buy from Springleap specifically?

Well that's easy - only springleap give you peace of mind that the product will sell - after all, as a vendor you can log into our special vendor area, see how many votes each shirt got, and see what quantities are available.

So you get to choose which shirts you want to sell based on the votes and your own intuition. Remember - every tshirt springleap produces has already received MASSIVE amount of votes from the same people who will buy that shirt - only springleap can offer you a sure-fire sale!

..and let's not forget that you are supporting artists and South African business, because nothing about springleap is outsourced to non-South African businesses, from the cotton the shirt is made of to the screen-printing and packaging. Totally SA. Totally PROUD.

... and (can you believe there's more!!!!) springleap shirts are made ABOVE the highest export-quality standard and are shipped with tons of value-added products in each bag.

.... good gosh - it doesn't end, does it? Springleap vendors are featured on our homepage - so the public know exactly where to find you! That's fantastic advertising and marketing thrown in for absolutely nothing. NICE!!!

GREAT - what do I have to do to become a Springleap vendor?

Not much really - just send in the vendor application form for starters. Vendors need to buy a minimum of 24 tshirts at a time.

I'm not in South Africa - does that matter?

Not really - springleap will deliver ANYWHERE, ANYTIME... we love spreading the South African love all over the world!

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