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Springleap veteran Grant Shepley (AKA: CHUCKY) with CHUCKY by DuncanBoxie

CHUCKY is one of those designers that just gets better and better with each passing submission .
Not only is he one of the leading members of the South African design crew, but he also a really down to earth guy who is always willing to lend a hand.

Lets find out more about this talented designer and how he manages to reinvent himself with such ease!

1. How do you manage to keep your designs fresh, but at the same time appeal to the international voters?

I think keeping your designs fresh and always trying to push the envelope is a very
important part of design in general and for me as an artist! I would personally get bored if
I used the same formula or style with every design and I just love the idea of trying new styles (especially thinking of concepts and drawing thumbnails on Post-it’s at work, hehe).

Appealing to an international audience has never been a problem, as most of my designs are very general,
it’s only been the 2 local ones ( Taxi Wars & Kitten Licken ), which popped into my head and then could not resist doing!

2. Kitten Licken is arguably a controversial design! What do you feel about it and what do you think the ‘limit’ is when trying not to upset the community?

I had a feeling it would be controversial, but the market is filled with these sorts of designs and much worse!
I feel we should be able to take things in a light hearted manner and just be able to laugh at all the crazy things in this crazy world!
And u can’t always play it to safe and never take risks, as you are bound to upset some people, regardless of what industry you’re in.

3. How important do you think it is for artists to mix traditional artistic mediums with modern digital forms?

Its all depends on what style you enjoy personally! However, if you can mix the two it adds more variety to your style! I don’t feel that designs should ever go ‘full-digital’. I still love seeing fully sketched designs, even if there are done on tablets!

4. Do you have any tips for the community on how to persevere as a designer and take their designs to the next level?

Ok this may sound cliché haha , but to be passionate about designing is probably the most important key. If you keep pushing yourself and don’t give up you are bound to improve. I’ve seen some artists improve drastically, eg: Qimstudio and Sergio37 .


Thanks jamjamjam! Clomo thanks so much, I must say its been an enjoyable experience designing for the site thus far :)

The website is looking brilliant now, love the banner running across the top that shows various designs!

shoutBack on 19/11/10 by CHUCKY

I love the fact that you change your style with ease. This is not to say that having a particular style isn’t great.
But the fact that you can re-invent your work each time you design, is refreshing.

Got Your Back is undoubtedly my favorite design. Keep up the entertaining work CHUCKY. You are an integral part of this community.:)

shoutBack on 18/11/10 by cloMO

Wai wai I have one of your designs Got yo back with skeltons….I love it, very funny :)

I like that u don care about controvercy, you always need to make it fresh.

shoutBack on 18/11/10 by jamjamjam