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cock wake up so early, shame on us


thanks buddies :D , i do really appreciate the feedback. it means a lot for me.

shoutBack on 15/7/11 by matsanni

i love the t-shirt i’m farm girl and it reminds me of the time when i’d be woken up by the rooster calls, i would immediately call back to them, “it’s too early for humans to wake up you stupid earth scratchers!” then immediately put a pillow on my head, hahaha fun times. . i love the jerky outlines you have drawn around the chickens. i think they do well to show the “shreaky“voices of the chickens. i also think you should’ve gone easy on the bright colours as they are sort of blinding. also, you should have put the chicken exactly in the middle and the banner balanced directly above and in the middle to active an asymmetrical composition. overall, you have done a good job. well done. :D

shoutBack on 13/7/11 by IsabellaWalcott

WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! winner! i love the way you mix the great message and beautiful execution

shoutBack on 13/7/11 by revoke

a very cool concept, and it’s quick on the eye (people get the message quickly) but I just can’t helping relating this to a road-house or chicken take away place ;) It’s a fun concept nonetheless!

shoutBack on 11/7/11 by simon

Really funny and I like your design style! The colours work well together I would never have thought I’d like this combination but I do

shoutBack on 8/7/11 by amyabrahams

reminds me of when I wake in the morning, awakened by the sound of chickens which reads give the message to get up ,,nice ..

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by Deadfrozen

you’re on the ball with this one ;) i love the way you brought the message up and i love those color too, it was so friendly design, i guess everyone would wear it for sure.

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by DM7


shoutBack on 5/7/11 by donoevan

Lol, cool!

shoutBack on 5/7/11 by eQuivalent


shoutBack on 5/7/11 by sayahelmi