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bones and nudles

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April 2008

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Words by the designer:

doodles i had done during my leg-injury… there should be a lot of pain in it - but i won´t come out - happy doodleing i guess…whatever - thats the time to turn my head off and start doodling…
more on bold link text


this is pretty cool :) looks kinda familiar tho, but still cool

shoutBack on 30/4/08 by eeeeek

Haha almost didnt thank us eh Hootie? LOL ;)
Good luck with the compo.

shoutBack on 23/4/08 by DuncanBoxie

THANK you for those who love it :)

shoutBack on 22/4/08 by hootiesign

hey guys!!
whats the matter??? how should i copy jon?? for sure i love his style, and tryed to copy it in a way - but don´t you love anothers style and try to do it like them.
i am talking about the style guys!!! whats the matter????
does sune ehlers copy jon??? i don´t think so….they got their style and i am trying to get also in their style…
so sorry about those, who are thinking its a copy…
sorry for those, who think style-copying is illegal…

shoutBack on 22/4/08 by hootiesign

so cool

shoutBack on 8/4/08 by iamnatali

So what’s the verdict? Is this a pseudo-copy or not?

shoutBack on 8/4/08 by enlighten

Original controversy goooooood, unoriginal bashtards baaaaaaaad :D

shoutBack on 7/4/08 by DuncanBoxie

Hey Guys

Eran here

aka theBrigand ;)

I have asked Jon to look at the design and have had no response. I have also looked long and hard at his FLICKR stream and haven’t found anything - so unless someone gives me solid proof or Jon gives it a big thumb’s down - this tshirt design rocks this casbar all night long.

Yo Fersyndicate… no. A Vern Koek tshirt isn’t going to cut it - LOL! But it sure made me laugh.

I think u breached every rule with that one - HA!

PLEASE READ THE READ ME FIRST.pdf that is included in the tshirt template pack.

This PDF is not long and will help you to understand what we do and do not accept on springleap.

We are only interested in ORIGINAL tshirt designs.

Please guys - no profanity, or super disgusting stuff - but definitely bring on the controversy!! Satire! Humour! It’s all good!!! :):):)

shoutBack on 7/4/08 by EranEyal

Luv it!!
Love the goo coming out the buildings and open eating mouths!

hmm did I get it?

shoutBack on 7/4/08 by Jade

we’ve got a team of guys that looks at each design before it is approved. and hopefully we’ll catch most of them.

but if it slips through, and gets into the competition, someone picks it up pretty quickly

and then we check it out and take action if it shouldn’t be there

Eran - did I say everything or you got something to add?

shoutBack on 7/4/08 by Eric