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27 August - 10 September

Straight from the Designers fingers

Its pretty simple, beer can sometimes make people feel smarter some even think they’re invincible. But what about beer for the most spiritual beings and helping them out, ironic that they would never touch alcahol. One of my favourite designs it just came together really well.


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LoL so i guess this an asian take on that whole: Beer,helping white guys dance since…

shoutBack on 9/9/09 by DuncanBoxie

oh my gosh!!! he’s so cute!

shoutBack on 7/9/09 by Juani

Buddha Beer from Buddah Bar ? Ha, ha, great idea ;

shoutBack on 3/9/09 by Kakolak

My email = grantshepley@gmail.com

shoutBack on 3/9/09 by CHUCKY

ts better than you described it, you definitely get my vote, still ampped on the beer foam cloud idea though. whats your email address?

shoutBack on 2/9/09 by seelife

I think it’s cool, but i would have like it better if the entire design was a bit more distressed, but good job!

shoutBack on 1/9/09 by amyabrahams

Super cute! Really dig the concept!

shoutBack on 1/9/09 by Dinxster

Very cool! I’d like to see more of da Buddah’s face though…

shoutBack on 1/9/09 by Lokololly

Heh, clever concept.

shoutBack on 30/8/09 by spiffytheunicorn


shoutBack on 29/8/09 by ndikol