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August 2008

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Straight from the Designers fingers

Basically its influenced by how children are so absorbent to their surroundings as they grow up and are influenced by so many things in their every day childhood experience you can see this illustrated on the shirt with many iconic toys or objects, these are some of them many memories I absorbed when growing up from yoyos to milkshakes and gum to horrible medicines, etc etc…


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Just picked this up today and let me tell you people, it came out so good you will be sorry if you didnt get this, wow

thanks Eric and the springleap peeps

shoutBack on 26/3/09 by bleet

hhaha thanks mikdog, pumped to get mine, im hoping to submit some new stuff soon, been a while

shoutBack on 20/3/09 by bleet

I can vouch for this shirts awesomeness. Got it recently. Looks great! Very nice, crisp lean lines. Greatness, look forward to wearing it.

shoutBack on 19/3/09 by mikdog

still waiting for mine cant wait

shoutBack on 19/3/09 by bleet

oh siiick its printed looks ace guys stoked, thanks springleap team-o

shoutBack on 19/3/09 by bleet

Damn - and all I have is bright and shiny ones!!!

Darn my fear of dangly earrings!!!! OOOoohhhh

shoutBack on 5/9/08 by EranEyal

Yes, also really like this one. Its colourful and great with a pair of jeans and dangly earings:)

shoutBack on 31/8/08 by Jade

yeah, great colour combo!

shoutBack on 24/8/08 by kunninglinguizt

Awesome style! Love this one

shoutBack on 24/8/08 by craigb

WOW - beautiful work

shoutBack on 19/8/08 by Antoine