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Dawn of the drunk

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Words by the designer:

The idea has been done with just the wording, but this is my version with a visual added to the mix! The very grungy feel is a tribute to old-school horrors!


hahaha i like it. i’m laughing now :)

shoutBack on 6/5/10 by BoyBrown

Thanks for comments!!!

Yeah Duncan, I thought I’d just add the gravestone to amp up the spookiness, remember drinking kills (only if ur driving tho)

shoutBack on 5/5/10 by CHUCKY

Bwahaha! I need one of these!

shoutBack on 4/5/10 by ArtAddict

Ahhh, I remember the last time I staggered through a cemetery drunk…umm errrr nevermind :P

shoutBack on 4/5/10 by DuncanBoxie

Ah the walking undead. How we love ‘em (and be ‘em too)

shoutBack on 3/5/10 by Tu

hehe, classic pub t-shirt

shoutBack on 29/4/10 by Sheps