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Fall out toy

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Battle of the Best!

Words by the designer:

I always wondered why all the lego men had smiley faces

6 colours (Pink and grey have lighter shades)


Oh by the way good design. Love the pants.

shoutBack on 23/2/10 by Lassiwe

Hey, this toy looks sad. Shame! I love that you have taken a knock at this latest EMO procession. And the lame commercial band you brought in.

shoutBack on 23/2/10 by Lassiwe

I don’t think you need to change a thing, all the detail is perfect, even the warning at the bottom. I’d love to see what other toy concepts like this you can come up with. This is the kind of design that Mr. Price would steal from a top brand and say, “hey, lets rip that off”. cool design, dig it.

shoutBack on 23/2/10 by DaRKo

Good job CHUCKY love the T-shirt design…All the “add on’s” compliments the figure being represented. Your colour scheme which you chose is also perfect considering the background you chose. GREAT JOB AGAIN!! Only problem for me is that the image/design could’ve been a tiny bit larger on the Tee, if you know what i mean.I never saw one of these guys with a sad looking face like that before..HAHA..real cool!!
The poor fellow does actually look like Pete Wentz link text

shoutBack on 17/2/10 by Zave

Glad ya guys like the humour! was worried this might be a bit contreversial

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by CHUCKY

Hehehe :) Totally awesome. The colours are great!

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by Lexi87

hehe cool :)

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by theblueman

I think the Fall out Toy kinda adds to the design personally. I would have left out the warning label and 0-3 indicator though. The “Emo” is enough.

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by DuncanBoxie

i would like it more without the “fall out toy”. it would be more timeless

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by kingslip

very cool! here take my R183.

shoutBack on 11/2/10 by DaRKo