December 2008

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Straight from the Designers fingers

creepy but cool…

I love the detail in old medical illustrations and wanted to juxtapose it with more modern design.

The result is eerie and hypnotic. I’ve worked in all areas of graphic deign for the last 11 years and when it come to doing art for myself I like to make trash art…with no rules as long as the compostion and end result feels good…a far cry from sticking to brand bibles.

Ryan is an old hand at graphica - he has spent 10 years in the industry and today works at one of the largest silkscreening companies in South Africa as their key man in the art department.

At one time he ran his own well known label : Rookie

This month we give a very big thumbs up to Ryan who has contributed to in a massive way in terms of helping us understand the silkscreening industry, and guiding our artists with solid advice to help us create our Springleap T-shirt Design 101 document you find in the Springleap T-Shirt Template Kit.


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Hi im realy interested in stocking you in my store you can check it out on facebook its called The Steam Room. My contact details are on there. But you can mail me

shoutBack on 20/10/09 by MishMoon

Hey! Fragment’s “Aviator” print just got a thumbs up @ Popculturetees! Nice one Fragment!

Aviator is going to print over the next couple of days :


shoutBack on 17/4/09 by EranEyal

Whoa! Dude this is pretty out there. Very original, very cool.

shoutBack on 6/3/09 by Crushem

lovely, makes me think of the illuminati and the american bank notes

shoutBack on 24/1/09 by victorbagu

can’t wait to see this one printed! it’s REALLY going to stand out

shoutBack on 21/11/08 by Eric

I absolutely love this design - it is intricate and well balanced - expect nothing less from you Ryan ;)

What I really dig about this t-shirt design is the way that you really bring the eye’s focus to the center of the chest- all the design flows to the center and expands from there both in terms of the subject matter as well as the composition. Angels, Heaven, Death,Fragility - beautiful t-shirt indeed

Can’t wait to print this tee.

shoutBack on 13/11/08 by EranEyal

Thanks for all the cool feedback guys! You all Rock!!

shoutBack on 4/11/08 by FRAGMENT

This is one fucking hardcore design I had to swear because there is no other way to explain how good this is

shoutBack on 4/11/08 by KingC

Shot guys!! It was a pleasure working with and advising springleap. All the best for a very bright future!

shoutBack on 3/11/08 by FRAGMENT

way to go Fragment - this is one intricate design. Can’t wait to see how it looks printed.

shoutBack on 2/11/08 by Eric