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27 August - 10 September

Straight from the Designers fingers

Gozhia is exactly how it was said by the terrified old man in the beggining of the godzilla movie. Inspired by the old comic days of godzilla (Gojira in japanese). But this is Gozhia, a monster on another level. Its actually pretty random.


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I love anything Godzilla, so perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I dig it :)

shoutBack on 4/9/09 by DuncanBoxie

Fire breathing dragon! AWESOME... however you could have made Gozhia look much more detailed.

shoutBack on 3/9/09 by Tye

Ew! This is so kitch! Don’t like it… sorry dude!

shoutBack on 1/9/09 by Dinxster

Green= blegh, but I do find the concept ‘rovery’!

shoutBack on 1/9/09 by Lokololly

WAAAAHHH! GODZIA! Hells yeah! This T-shirt is awesome! However, I have to agree with Vood00Child. A green T-shirt? Hrmmm…. what about royal blue or black?

shoutBack on 31/8/09 by cloMO

Image: I DIG!
Text: I DIG!
Green background: not so much…

I like how you made it look worn and old school postery :)

shoutBack on 28/8/09 by Vood00Child