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Tribute to good old Brainwashing Propaganda type ads! Remember Terms & conditions do apply.


@ Letterpress: Its supposed to have the same look as those “beer” type posters. The guy is also supposed to look kinada creepy, afterall its not the most legit business!

shoutBack on 26/5/10 by CHUCKY

lol i like. maybe you should re-submit for the slogan competition :)

shoutBack on 25/5/10 by Danya

nah, reminds me of those “BEER, helping ugly people get laid since …” posters that you used to see in every varsity dorm room. This guy has the same creepy look.

shoutBack on 25/5/10 by letterpress


shoutBack on 21/5/10 by ignis

Haha, I like the humour here. Could be popular

shoutBack on 18/5/10 by Sheps

Thanks for feedback guys!!!

@Duncan, that would be hilarious! sure to turn a couple heads in the ward!!!

shoutBack on 18/5/10 by CHUCKY


shoutBack on 18/5/10 by Styrofred

Kinda hilarious! BUT i still like it after all. The colour scheme is pretty well matched with what you’ve “advertised” Looking good man! keep it up!

shoutBack on 18/5/10 by Zave

HAHAHAHA thats funny dude!
I’d so wear this one to the renal unit…I’m sure it would cause a scene :P

shoutBack on 14/5/10 by DuncanBoxie

Oh my Word! Did your design just wink at me?
Maybe the anesthetic from my kidney removal
procedure is kicking in. lol

shoutBack on 13/5/10 by ModesC