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Make $ome Cash!

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Experimental design for me but anyway it’s a ripoff of those 50’s propaganda style adverts where people were persuaded to do just about anything! Hope you like the dry humour!


this is a win, i really like this

shoutBack on 11/1/10 by Pat

I love the propaganda. And I love the design. Wow, CHUCKY, brilliant design.

shoutBack on 8/1/10 by Lassiwe


shoutBack on 8/1/10 by SuperEmoIAmYourEnemy


shoutBack on 7/1/10 by dotnot

@Chucky noangel started a post to suggest themes to springleap here i totally already asked for a retro theme!
awesome design:)

shoutBack on 6/1/10 by NormaJean

There is some cool humour here
Another winner chucky?

shoutBack on 6/1/10 by Sheps

i think it soooooopA :)

shoutBack on 6/1/10 by jennaspring

nice :D :D

shoutBack on 5/1/10 by ndikol

Thanks for comments.

Was having some fun with splash brushes on this one.

@ Roxylok, It probably would have been better with a pinup :)

@ NormaJean, I would like to design one with a pinup, but if there is a theme in the future it would suit :)

shoutBack on 5/1/10 by CHUCKY

pretty funny.. seen the concpet before though :/ and there is something about the font i don’t like :/ sorry chucky. you still rock though!

shoutBack on 4/1/10 by cloMO