Didn't make it
Enviro Mental

Straight from the Designers fingers

polution eats the world…


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Ah man i love this design! the way it sits on a T-shirt is great. great colours too. :-) However, our new green evergreen will look way better. ;)

shoutBack on 8/12/09 by cloMO

creepy - haha looks like Jozi

shoutBack on 8/12/09 by RoxzyLok

thanks for coments

shoutBack on 5/12/09 by sebasebi

very cool!

shoutBack on 28/11/09 by suburbanhijinx

the themes enviroment not pollution … haha but its awesome !!!!!

shoutBack on 27/11/09 by SYIK

thanks guys!!

shoutBack on 27/11/09 by sebasebi

WoW top marks Sebasebi. 5.
Your pollution looks like some kinda Hollow from Bleach.

shoutBack on 27/11/09 by DuncanBoxie

I like this alot!!!

shoutBack on 27/11/09 by CHUCKY