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Mule Bear

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Open Theme 3

Words by the designer:

Mule Bear is a widdle fuzzy wuzzy bear that travels the worlds airports “thmuggling dwugth”. he is so cute that customs officials can’t see the darkness that lurks under his plush coat of chestnut fur. hooray for mule bear!


catchy!! yes EranEyal very bad…badddddd to the bone, as most drug mules are hehehehe

shoutBack on 5/8/10 by wednesdayloves

LOL! That’s some funny s**t.

so cute… yet so wrong. lol

shoutBack on 29/7/10 by EranEyal

hahaha this is really clever and funny!

I don’t particularly love the colours but I think it’s the vibe you were going for so I get it :)

shoutBack on 29/7/10 by amyabrahams

I give you a 5 because this is a shirt that is nice and I like to be wearing this shirt. Please, man. Please. Thanks.

shoutBack on 24/7/10 by mikdog

HARHAR classic design buddy.
I’m a big fan of the teddy mule.
Great use of colour to give it that cutesy vibe.
Goodluck for the compo.

shoutBack on 23/7/10 by DuncanBoxie

I wike dwugth!
Say “No… one, two, fwee dwugth”
I will go cold turkey if i don’t get this shirt, man

shoutBack on 23/7/10 by crazymoose

love it

shoutBack on 22/7/10 by kingslip