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Ahhh… this is awesome… i would definately wear that!!!!

shoutBack on 14/8/08 by CharlieBrown777

I have to agree - absolutely amazing!

shoutBack on 24/7/08 by LorensoLlama

This is some of the most sophisticated and intelectual design I have seen on springleap.com - AMAZING t-shirt!!!

shoutBack on 20/7/08 by Antoine

Oh - and quite frankly - When your work is this good you can speak Alpha Centauran and it wouldn’t make a difference because what you produce is so much more powerful than any words I could understand. What matters is the transmitted - not the vocalized.

shoutBack on 19/7/08 by EranEyal

Hey Chamarelli - put it up here in Espanol and I will translate 4 ya! :)

shoutBack on 19/7/08 by EranEyal

Dont worry about your english, most Americans cant speak it “GOOD” either :)

shoutBack on 18/7/08 by IntegralApparel

I dont know where to look, its just happening everywhere…that aint a bad thing…this looks like it took some time. Its cool its different.

shoutBack on 18/7/08 by Topgun

I do not write the history of this design because my English is very bad
excuse me.
But I can try later.

shoutBack on 18/7/08 by chamarelli


shoutBack on 15/7/08 by jam

Theres something very Geiger about this design, agree with The Brigand…would love to know your concept behind this stunning design.

shoutBack on 15/7/08 by DuncanBoxie