Jan 28 to Feb 13 2009

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Straight from the Designers fingers

SpeedTrap The Stunt Mouse…. wanted to do a stunt tee and originally thought of the term “stunted growth” and how i could illustrate that. but then the focus changed to death defying stunts and of coarse, Evil Knievel. So Yeah. whats more death defying then a mouse jumping a tiny bike over a heap of mousetraps!


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When ideas run away by itself it becomes a lot of fun :)
Nice illustration as always dude :)

shoutBack on 29/1/09 by Tu

This is some funny sh!t here bro. Nice illy

shoutBack on 29/1/09 by souf

Oh Tokyo you make me sick :)

shoutBack on 29/1/09 by DaRKo

Hey.. do you use illustrator? I like your illustrations :)

shoutBack on 29/1/09 by nccreed

haha. this rocks! love it! :D

shoutBack on 28/1/09 by BambooBear