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December 2008

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Straight from the Designers fingers

I recently got wronged by folks i trusted, while we’re taught to turn the other cheek and walk away i believe VODOO’s the true answer. Stick it to them where it hurts…oh yeah


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Man I cant wait even though TokyoGoGo and Darko rock you still own the Leap in my eyes.

shoutBack 3 weeks ago by KingC

commin back king commin back soon and i’m gonna blow everyone right out of the water, be afraid, keep your eyes peeled

shoutBack 3 weeks, 6 days ago by DustyRich

Dusty where you been guy?
When you going to be a featured artist?????????
Whats happening springleap????????

shoutBack 3 weeks, 6 days ago by KingC

Amazing…. really amazing (kinda sick hehe… but really cool) you are way talented DustyRich

shoutBack on 19/12/08 by killerminibus

Integral thats what I was saying they should do a colab.
Dusty Tokyo and Darko

shoutBack on 12/12/08 by KingC

Dusty if you dont sign up on Emptees.com I am gonna be mad at you!!

Great artist style and inspiration site! Next thing you know your on there all day! its addicting!


shoutBack on 12/12/08 by IntegralApparel

I like the colours used with this one. Nicely done. Only crit is that you should have altered the ‘R’ of ‘Revenge’. From a glance it reads as Bevenge. The other is more of an opinion…should have made the blood red I think. None the less it’s rockin’.

shoutBack on 12/12/08 by KG

Looks quite cool, not so sure about the concept. What’s that red thing in thet corner?

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by Tu

Skip a throwdown, you guys should callabo!

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by IntegralApparel

This is my favourite of all your work.

Digg it, I can.

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by Goggl3boy