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Super Luigi

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Words by the designer:

Its about time Luigi got some attention! C’mon even the game was named after Mario, surely the bros had a surname.

7 colours (grey & green have shades)


R.I.P Mario

shoutBack on 31/3/10 by Lexi87

Wow!! This design just brings back so much fun childhood memories of the 1990’s. I’m glad you agree that it’s about time that Luigi get some fame aswell. Everyone just knows -*mario* of the two brothers. hehe. Was a super game!!! This Tee is one of my favourites. Good T-shirt colour choice too. REALLY WELL DONE!

shoutBack on 30/3/10 by Zave

Thaaanks everyone!
@ aghmad09, Il try!

shoutBack on 29/3/10 by CHUCKY

Yes buddy, keep doing what you doing ..

shoutBack on 28/3/10 by aghmad09

I really think this is cool and would definitely wear this.

shoutBack on 26/3/10 by Sheps

I suppose jealousy really does make you ugly!
Kewl design sir, I’d defintely buy one of these :)

shoutBack on 26/3/10 by DuncanBoxie


shoutBack on 26/3/10 by DeadRed

Ide like to see what Super Linguini would do to Mario!!!

shoutBack on 26/3/10 by Jerry84

Good for you Luigi!

shoutBack on 26/3/10 by IAmSam