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I am an Entrepreneur

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The light bulb is a often used to depict the spark of an idea. The glowing bugs draw a comparison to the way customers or consumers are drawn to a innovative business or business idea!


without copy on the design, this would have been a 10 out of 5 in my books

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by Eric

Thanks for comments everyone:)

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by CHUCKY

Simple but really cool! I dont think theres a person who wouldn’t wear this one

shoutBack on 9/1/11 by amyabrahams

great idea chucky

shoutBack on 20/12/10 by Kakolak

I like the moths being drawn to the light
Cool concept

shoutBack on 17/12/10 by Sheps

This is excellent Chucky. I love the luminous green you used - it really depicts the spark of an idea.

shoutBack on 16/12/10 by Lassiwe

given the wikipedia definition, i think there are very few definition entrepeneurs on planet earth

shoutBack on 16/12/10 by acme