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July 2008

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Words by the designer:

Collaboration between Quack and Wesley = cheeseplz! Collaboration is a difficult thing when you have 2 people who want completely different things 2 come out in the design! so this creation was inspired from our idea process…lame, cheesy, SO totally us :)


Funny :))

shoutBack on 19/10/10 by AaronAdamic

AWEsome ! well done you guys:)

shoutBack on 2/8/08 by quackfanatic

WOW…havent been on springleap for a while and now i see all these comments! :P thanks for ur support guys, it really means a lot to me! as for the style, simple is just the way i do things! not everyone is gonna like my designs, and i understand that! there’s a certain niche that do like simple, so i hope they like it :)

heehee :) blobs on a tshirt with facial expressions! i think i was just inspired for next month….thanks kingC! i value everyone’s opinion :)

shoutBack on 22/7/08 by quack

i absolutely love this design… i think it’s such a great idea lol…mind the pun:) it makes me giggle everytime i see it hahahaha. interesting commentary happening here too… i’m saying “I” cough cough :)

shoutBack on 21/7/08 by tuna

I also dig the feeling behind this design of the fantastical nature of our subjective reality - it’s awesome that 2 very switched on peeps (lol - forgive the pun) have collaborated to create something bigger than each of themselves.

shoutBack on 19/7/08 by EranEyal

1. There are lots of people out there who LOVE this sort of design and it is as relevant as any other style.
2. The thought process behind this design is fantastic - it’s witty and will make people laught.
3. AssembleMe is better executed in my opinion, yet htis is nonetheless effective
5. Girls will LOVE this t
6. It’s funny - did I mention that - the fact that I bother to mention how funny this shirt is and that it always makes me chuckle makes me think it’s pretty darn effective.
7. Well done on the collaboration guys - it’ a valiant attempt, although I think the character on the right especially could be better developed.
8. This is not ZooYork. This is not Volcom. This is not Guess and it never will be. This is springleap - and it’s all about two kinds of people - those that CREATE and those that VOTE. - at the end of the day - they decide what is going to float and what is going to sink.
9. We are all learning here, that is why it is important we critique each other as best as possible - remember - If you are not in the top 20 in a month - you can resubmit the work after you have used that feedback to improve upon it. This is the springleap philosophy of sprngleaping together. Let no human be left behind…

shoutBack on 19/7/08 by EranEyal

kingc its wesley from cheeseplz and it was me that sent that message so theres my designs:)

shoutBack on 19/7/08 by binky

All in favour of having KingC sent to a anger management course, say I.

shoutBack on 17/7/08 by Topgun

gosh, it seems that whenever there’s an argument on springleap, its becuase of what kingC has to say about quack’s designs. i like his stuff cos it clean, smooth and just well designed. who care’s for detail all the time? simple is good, and simple is usually most effective! u cant tell someone to just change their style, cos then it aint THEIR style! gosh! keep up the good work quack and wesley, cos I AM A FAN! you could call this a low blow, but kingC, at least they’re original and dont rely on plagiarism….just saying…………good luck cheeseplz

shoutBack on 17/7/08 by brittle

Crums KingC, dig that you have your views but chilax its just a t-shirt. LOL why dont you just submit a design and show us then what you mean with the detail? Until you do pace yourself as the JUDGE here…=)

shoutBack on 17/7/08 by Topgun