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Tickets please!

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Open Theme 8

Words by the designer:

Just your ordinary bus conductor doing his ticket checkup! Two colours on black, and the skull is made up of halftone. It would be cool if the blue could be glow in the dark!


wow! people really like designing skulls

shoutBack on 25/11/10 by Eric

wow,thats a cool skull man!

shoutBack on 24/11/10 by Qimstudio

Thanks guys 4 comments! U can’t read to much into the “tickets please” wording, its just a fun design associated with the old bus conductors!

shoutBack on 18/11/10 by CHUCKY

HAHA nice one CHUCKY….I guess Charon upgraded his threads through the ages ;)

shoutBack on 16/11/10 by DuncanBoxie

This grabs the eye.Makes you think of ticket to ride, magical mystery ride or highway to hell.
Great design would love to see people wearing it.

shoutBack on 16/11/10 by Sheps

this is cool…i don’t get the tickets portion though. Maybe something different in the background?

shoutBack on 16/11/10 by ralphysims