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May 2008

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Let my hands touch your heart.


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hoochiemamma I love this design! I want one of these T-shirts in honour of Margaret. When will springleap be reprinting them? Can’t wait! :)

shoutBack on 15/8/09 by Telana

and the Brigand has big toes…so thats a serious compliment :P

shoutBack on 26/5/08 by DuncanBoxie

Consider me touched - this is a beautoiful tshirt design - colour, everything!

shoutBack on 25/5/08 by biran


This is sooooo much more stylish - I give this one 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.

shoutBack on 22/5/08 by EranEyal

Yeah its definately on the frumpy side of life.

shoutBack on 21/5/08 by DustyRich

Ugh! Just checked it out. It’s quite ugly no?! Thanks for sending through though! My heart stopped when you said there was already a design like this out there! At least I can breathe out!!!

shoutBack on 21/5/08 by hoochiemamma

Thanks Dusty. Gonna head over to check it out now…

shoutBack on 21/5/08 by hoochiemamma

hey hoochie heres that link:
very old sub though.
Love your stuff though, love the geometric flow of it all, its all very asthetic

shoutBack on 21/5/08 by DustyRich

Hey DustyRich. I went over to threadless and couldn’t find the design you were talking about. If you stop over there again could you post the link on here for me please? Hate to think that there’s something like mine out there but like you said (esp with hearts) there’s always bound to be something similar.

shoutBack on 21/5/08 by hoochiemamma

Cool design!

shoutBack on 16/5/08 by MooM