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thanks for your comment :)

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Regarding Think Tank,

First off thanks for the comment, to be honest I actually hate tee’s that just end up an edit of something else, but I want to try and at least enter a tee into every open contest. To learn from the comments and design as much as I can in my free time. With this one I was a bit pushed for time and ended up taking the idea I had that I could put up the quickest. Not really to proud of that, now that I think about it. Already working on the next one in the hopes of getting out a better and more original design.

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thanks Duncan!

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Thanks Duncan for the positive feed back on my shirts.

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Thanks for the shoutout, appreciated! \m/

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hey Bro thanks for the invitation :)

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NO worries to all. So great to have such a great bunch of designers out there. I will continue to give support and help wherever I can.

Oh and welcome to all the amazing new designers!!!
Fantastic to see new talent :)

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thanks for invited me to this site!
go springleap!

shoutOut on 6/11/10


rub my back

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Thanks for the tip!!!

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thanks for inviting me here in springleap duncan! cool site.. :D

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Thanks Ducan. Glad U like it. ;)

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Haha no worries Inda. Was a little confused for a seccie :D

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Thanks for always commenting, man. Really appreciate the feedback. Its not so easy to see your work from a fresh perspective, so constructive crics really help. Baie Dunckie

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Hey duncan, WOW!!! Thanks for the great tips and advice…. will take a look at all your links and see what I can learn and thanks for the inspiration…. just makes me excited that I’ve gone solo!!!

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