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Adidas Original Star Wars Collection 2010

shoutOut on 27/1/10 by RoxzyLok in peeps

Adidas have just released a line of Star Wars branded items the Adidas Original Star Wars Collection 2010.

Check out the ad for the Collection:


EVEN BETTER (and more fun):

To launch the new line they first created a online app that puts you inside the death star and lets to vaporise your friends via Google maps, and then send them the footage (click here to try it out


crazy! i just spent 20 mins bombing my facebook friends.
good fun

shoutBack on 27/1/10 by InfamousArtist

whoa SiCk

shoutBack on 27/1/10 by SceneKid

Draft Punk remix of the Star Wars theme!
Geeks just got COOL!

shoutBack on 27/1/10 by ElectroGirl