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Behold the power of the Cube!

shoutOut on 12/7/12 by Maike in peeps


Yes, we’ve blogged about paper toys recently. Yes, they are truly about as much fun as you can have with a pair of scissors without getting hospitalised. And no, we’re not bored of them yet, because why? Because one of our awesome community members here on The Leap (thanks, Matt Reid!) alerted us to the power and glory that is the mighty Cubeecraft: "papercraft toys that feature interlocking tabs for construction – eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives".


And well, what can we say, we now bow to the manifold glory of humble paper made glorious but colour and cuts.   

Cubeecraft offers a huuuuge selection of papercuts, both created by Christopher Beaumont and by fans. So it’s not a one-a-day thing, but the whole enchilada in a selection of popular flavours.

These flavours include, well hell, just about every cartoon, comic, anime, film, series and graphic novel character you could possibly think of. So, you can have your paper-cake and eat it, because this is a buffet where anyone could glut themselves ill till the cows come home.

Want to know more about how it works? Watch the video below. Some pretty cool stuff! Looks like fun.

Check out the cool Paper Mario and Hellboy below for a taste of what's on offer. Rad, right?!


Chances are you’ll die of papercuts before you run out of things to do on Cubeecraft, but it's a challenge worth accepting.

Like graphics, characters, interesting new takes on classic themes? Let your fingers do the walking to Cubeecraft now – but remember, don’t run with those scissors!



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