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Ice Tea? Like a BOS.

shoutOut on 19/7/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

It’s bright, its design is about as funky as a star-spangled lion can get and it’s set tongues wagging ever since it landed in a blaze of glorious flavours.

Yes folks, it’s the little can of iced wonderful that packs a healthy punch and has all the right faces making all the right noises in all the right places. It’s BOS Ice Tea - possibly the closest to a religious experience most mouths will ever get and it could quite possibly save the universe if it had opposable digits and a red cape!

Why the ever-so-slightly raving review about a can of Ice Tea? The good people at Bos slung us here at The Leap a pack of their finest yesterday, and a little love goes a long way in this world

OK, but seriously? From its award-winning design, to its range of flavours and on to innovative and eye-catching activations, BOS is the little can of 100% organic rooibos ice tea that’s making positive brand vibrations across the Interweb and on the ground at a vendor near you.

Of course the ripples have been helped by the fact that BOS has pushed the envelope as far as activations go, getting itself featured prominently on the net and in traditional media as a result of its groundbreaking Twitter-activated vending machine, Bev. Created by the BOS team, and conceptualized by digital agency Cow Africa and designers Marc Nicholson and Lyall Sprong from Thingking (whose work we’ve featured before on The Leap in this post).

Bev (real name BevMax 4-45) has done the rounds at major events and earned the BOS crew accolades and column inches all over the show. Check her out here:

Add a healthy dose of activations done by none other than the Corne and Twakkie of The Most Amazing Show fame, who have plied their whackjob trade at music festivals and other highfalutin’ social gatherings, and the results are predictably high profile.

Now here at The Leap we love homespun success stories that feature a small but beautiful idea that rises to the top to become the cream of the crop. And BOS is just such an icon – it was featured at Design Indaba 2011 as one of the finalists in the Most Beautiful Object In South Africa contest thanks to its simple yet arresting African design styling by Peet Pienaar (from The President). One look at this slim, bright little can and your eyeballs are in love, even before your tastebuds start doing the funky fandango of joy.

And oh - hold me tight, what a flavour sensation – take one part authentic organic rooibos flavour and mix well with a range of subtle yet sweet natural flavours, and serve chilled to a parched and appreciative palate, and what do you get? Shazam! Kapow! Supertea to the rescue! (And hey, it doesn't hurt that it goes down really well as a mixer, too...) 

Want to know more? Go BOS.


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