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That's right folks - you now have until September 30th to submit your explosive designs!

Bizcommunity - it’s the ever-expanding hub that provides daily marketing and media news to a community of millions across Africa. It’s the business-to-business site of choice, and pretty much the place to go for all things related to advertising, marketing, media, retail and related sectors. Who are they? They’re the mighty, mighty BizCommunity, and you have a shot at helping them celebrate eleven years of awesome with your best t-shirt design!

In August this year, BizCommunity celebrate their 11th birthday. Since its inception in 2001, Bizcommunity has expanded from a single marketing and media portal with a South Africa focus to a total of 35 industry-specific portals, each with various categories of defined interest. In line with this, the winning t-shirt design needs to illustrate and celebrate the explosive growth of one of the most diverse, creative and dynamic online communities in Africa.



You can interpret the theme of growth/expansion/explosion of BizCommunity in any illustration style of your choice, and designs may be on black, red, white or grey background.

Your design should ideally be in one of the following:

a) one colour

b) a combination of the Bizcommunity.com corporate colours (red, grey, black and white)

c) spot metallics


DO’s & DON’TS:

- Designs submitted must feature the Bizcommunity.com 9-dot logo [supplied] in some form.

- The font is the Serpentine family (but your design need not be limited to this font.)

Whatever your design, just remember – BizCommunity are looking for a design that visually portrays the explosive growth of the creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial nature of Bizcommunity’s online communities in Africa over the last 11 years!

Need to know more about Bizcommunity?

No problem – check out the site itself, poke your nose around, get an idea of what all the fuss is about and why it’s the leading business hub in Africa:


Need some inspiration?

Have a coffee! But seriously - here are some stats to get your mind racing: Since 2001, 25 000 industry events and training workshops have been listed on Bizcommunity, 105 000 jobs have been offered, 20 000 CVs have been uploaded, 60 000 news articles distributed, 400 000 daily newsletters have been subscribed, 103 million newsletters have been sent and 300 000 lines of code have been written, which would stretch 34km!



$2700 / R20 000

The winning designs will scoop the following cash prizes:  

1st     -  US$  2000 (R15000)

2nd    -  US$  400 (R 3 000)

3rd     -  US$  300 (R 2 000)



Submission period - now extended!

01 August 2021 – 30 September 2021

Winner announced:

08 October 2012 

NOTE: All dates and times are based on GMT+2 and deadlines end at midnight GMT+2 on the given dates.



1. Download this > Springleap Design Submission Kit 

    (contains T-shirt templates)

2. Click this Submit button

3. Choose your contest and download the Design Pack

 4. Enter your design! 




1. No obscenities or hate speech.

2. Only original works will be accepted.

3. Designs should incorporate the Bizcommunity logo.

4. Designs must be suitable for a white, grey or black background. 

5. Each designer may submit up to five (5) designs.

6. Final winners will be chosen by the Springleap design panel, in conjunction with Bizcommunity. Voting will only be used as an indication.

7. Standard Springleap and Bizcommunity Terms & Conditions apply over and above.

8. Bizcommunity operates independently from Springleap.com and all commercial transactions completed through Springleap are in no way linked to Bizcommunity. All queries relating to this contest and the website should be directed through Springleap.com

9. Bizcommunity and Springleap reserve the right to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “BIZ BANG 2012” design contest for non-commercial benefit, such as media covering the process.

10. The contest will run from 01 August 2021 to 30 September 2012. Winners will be chosen by a panel from 03 September to 30 September 2012. Final winners will be chosen and announced on 08 October 2021 via the Springleap.com website, Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as the Bizcommunity website and Facebook page. The winning designs are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

11. Prizes are not transferable.

12. All designs submitted outside office hours, over weekends and on (South African) public holidays, will take longer to approve

13. All dates and times presented are based on GMT+2 times.


Confused or uncertain about anything?

Post your questions about “BIZ BANG 2012” theme contest below or click our online support button to the left of our header.

Good Luck & Happy Designing!



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