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C'est La Vie. Why? Because of the sandwiches there!

shoutOut on 18/7/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

The humble sandwich: feeding the world since god was in nappies! It’s the simple slice that make things nice, the daily delight that’s still good late at night. It’s also a great way to give some love back today, on this International Nelson Mandela Day!

Yes folks, for just R67 worth of sandwich ingredients or 67 minutes of your time, you too can feel the love that Madiba has generated, and generate some good karma for yourself too. If you’re feeling it, take yourself down to La Vie in Seapoint and get stuck in!

The good people at theforwardeffect.co.za in conjunction with Ubuntu Digital, IDKraft.com and laidback La Vie are hosting the 2nd annual Cape Sandwich Drive – it’s a simple process, and requires only that you have R67 worth of tasty sandwich goodies to share and are willing to get stuck in so the lesser fortunate can tuck in. They’re not asking for cash – they’re asking for love! And hey, if you have a fast car which could be used to deliver that sandwich love, all the better!

Wanna get involved? Of course you do! Get down to La Vie this afternoon from 3pm and get stuck in!

Even better yet – bring a friend and share the sarmie love!

More info? No problem, here it is: Cape Sandwich Drive on Facebook


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