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Choose our new hoodie design - WIN

shoutOut on 2/9/11 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

It’s time to choose!

We have received so many requests to do another run of our super cool Springleap hoodies.
It is definitely about time, but which design to choose?
It really is a tough choice!

After much deliberation we have decided to either go with Spirits of the Forest by Sebasebi, or the very funny E.T. Help from Trabe.

Both of these designs will look absolutely amazing on our hoodies. It just depends on which one you think will work best.

Help us decide!

Get involved and you could be one of 3 lucky people to win a ‘Green’ tee by Vomaria, as well as 3 very slick Moleskine diaries and Watermark pens, courtesy of Lexus South Africa.

All you have to do is ‘share’ the design you like most on our Springleap Specials Facebook page and leave us a comment about how you feel about these two very worthy designs.

Spirits of the Forest was created by one of our most well respected designer ever, Sebasebi. His awe inspiring talent shines through in this explosive natural design. Spectacular illustration and remarkable color come together to produce a design which was good enough to scoop our Return of the Roll-Over grand prize.

E.T. Help is a fun and quirky design by French Springleap veteran, Trabe.
He is very well known for creating hilarious designs which appeal to people from all walks of life. In this design he combines 2 popular science fiction movies to pull off a design that will make you laugh so hard you will be rolling on the floor.

So, what will it be guys and girls, Spirits of the Forest or E.T. Help?

Either one is going to be perfect for our hoodies!

These hoodies will be part of a limited run, so grab em while you can :)


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