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Clover - Way Better - digital animation

shoutOut on 12/4/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in peeps

If you live here in sunny South Africa, chances are you have seen the CloverWay Better’ commercial on the telly. Really, it is something special to behold!

These days everybody seems to be using digital animation to express their brand.
However, very few companies get it right.
Clover, one of South Africa’s most well known dairy companies, is one of the rare exceptions!

Clover’s latest advert, using digital animation, really blew my mind. So much hard work and love went into this animation and I really do salute the design team that put it together.


Full credit goes to Shy the Sun, Joe Public, Black Ginger and Gloo for an amazing collaborative effort. This stunning visual feast has exploded with colour everywhere from TV Land to the realm of the net.

I am a huge fan of character design. Clovers Way Better creatures are great examples of fantastical characters that are brought to life through ‘properly pondered’ concepts and masterful execution.

If you thought the TV advert was cool just wait until you take a look at Clovers website dedicated to the magic of Way Better universe. This amazingly intricate site lets you travel to the distant Milky Way where all of Clovers yummy products are made by quirky creatures and charismatic characters!

While the Way Better campaign may seem like it is geared towards kids, which it is to some degree, I feel that it still appeals to a broad demographic. This kind of rollercoaster of fantasy and creativity appeals to the child in all of us and takes us back to the days when we believed all manner of wild tales and accepted the existence of magic without question!

There are a few people who I have spoken to that think that Way Better is a rehashed take on the well known Coca ColaHappiness factory’ campaign from a few years ago. However, I think it has its own originality that sets it apart.
What do you think?

Any way you look at it, this is simply spectacular work!

Please take a look at the Way Better website and take a little journey through Clovers extraordinary world.


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