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Crowdopolis – taking the pulse of a crowdsourced planet

shoutOut on 15/5/12 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

Take every person on the planet that’s evangelical about crowdsourcing. Take the managers of Fortune 1000 companies. Take a convention centre in L.A, add excitement, new developments and the launch of a (as yet unnamed) new crowdsourcing company. Mix together, shake vigorously and what do you get? Crowdopolis 2012, of course!

Bringing the many talking heads of Fortune 1000 companies and leading lights in the crowdsource sector together, Crowdopolis is the brainchild of DailyCrowdSource provides the lowdown on the effect crowdsourcing will have on advertising, tech and content marketing in the next three years. Taking place on July 19th, there’s probably no better place on the planet to be if you’d like to take the pulse of what’s about to go large online. And what’s more our CEO, Eran Eyal, is a speaker at the event and will be on hand to give delegates insights from the Springleap perspective. Can you say ‘industry leaders?’ Damn straight!

After all, with online marketing now a long-established force to be reckoned with, the next phase in creating engagement is where the real action happens – at the coalface where consumers and brands interact. With Fortune 1000 company managers speaking on their experience and leading crowdsourcing providers sharing their insights, this is one networking and learning opportunity no-one with an interest in this dynamic part of the web should miss.

More info? Go: Crowdopolis



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